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<< encrusting sheet type of freshwater sponge<<<

I've only seen small patches on submersed wood, but an invertebratologist
told me that sheets the "size of football fields" sometimes occurred in the
clear reservoirs of northeast Oklahoma. >>

That's shocking! One would expect such sizes from salt water sponges in a
tropical ocean environment, not in a temperate freshwater setting.

m guessing that Jorg's aquarium must have been generating
sufficient bacteria for them to feed. His observation about collecting too
late in the year also makes sense, although I'm surprised at gemmule-based
reproduction in aquaria.

What kind of bacteria do sponges feed on in aquaria ; nitrifying bacteria,
the types of bacteria found in dirt some other kind, or all types of bacteria
indiscriminately?Do they ingest other small organisms like insuforians and
daphnia?One thing I was thinking that might seem obvious in improving their
survival in aquaria that I have not seen anyone bring up is removing only
smaller specimens from the wild. The smaller sponges would be less accustomed
to one particular set of water conditions and would seem to adapt more
readily to aquaria.

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