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<< Do you support testing on rabbits for cosmetics? To me, these are
all very real issues that can quickly polarize otherwise rational

Personally, I think it's barbaric to test cosmetics/shampoos on rabbits; >>

I agree that testing cosmetics on rabbits is selfishly mean. I've read that a
lot of these tests are outmoded and unnecessary because there are other means
of testing the possible harmfulness of a product.It sounds as if these
companies' methods are not very responsive to change.

Most of us would probably agree that defeding pupfish
habitat, for instance, is truly an animal rights issue even though it's
rarely phrased that way. And I wish most PETA types would wake up and see
that as a priority.

That is one of my main gripes with a lot of PETA types. They don't seem to
have endangered species habitat in mind, which I think is a more pressing
issue in terms of the bettering of animals' circumstances in general They
seem to be more concerned with the saving of individual "warm fuzzies" with
the exception of some animals at pet shops, which again could be attributed
to them being a sort of "niche" organization which is centering their efforts
on the perceptions towards animals by the public and working towards making
their views towards animals more positive.There's nothing wrong with that in
a way, since one organization can only do so much so they have to restrict
their efforts somewhat to one area of helping animals. I agree with some of
what they say but think some of their other views are too extreme.

I suppose I'll conclude with saying, we shouldn't make possible friends
enemies. There truly are goofy rednecks who are a problem, and I don't mean
most hunters or fishermen. We have to ally with them, too; in Massachusetts
such an alliance has been known as the Guns & Roses alliance.

I agree, I was probably a bit hasty in rushing to judgement on them in this
matter. They could be valuable allies in getting people to take creatures
like the Alabama sturgeon more seriously, instead of thinking of them as
"ugly fish". I would also be willing to help them with the issues in which I
agree on their position on that particular issue. There are definitely some
crooked rednecks out there which poach animals to the detriment of the
target species' population ; I agree with that. That said, we should ally
with hunters and fisherman as there is some mutual overlap in our interests
and with their help we could achieve some common goals.We should recognize
that they are not the problem that groups like PETA make them out to be.

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