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<< Hey did anyone else see the Dicscovery channel doc on the mimic octopi?
> It was amazing. The mimic could immitate a jelly fish, a poisonous water
> snake,a snail (by hiding in sand and sticking up only it's eyes),
> a lion fish,
> and I thought most interestingly, and most convincingly as well,
> a flounder scooting along the bottom. >>

I managed to catch the latter half of the program. I agree, that is an
amazingly intelligent mollusk to be able to mimic all those animals and
manifest these disguises in appropriate specific situations. That
particularly seems to be the most intelligent mollusk species of all. octopi
in general are smart, I've read that they can take the lids off of jars and
they're almost impossible to keep contained in aquaria because they get
curious and start pushing the lids off of the aquariums and crawling out,
even with weighted covers ; they're pretty strong. They can get through holes
the size of the diameter of their eyestalks .

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