Re: NANFA-- MD Collecting 12/26

Dave Neely (
Mon, 27 Dec 1999 13:51:02 CST


>Sounds like you guys had a pretty good time despite the cool weather.
> >Chris sent out notices of the trip a couple of weeks ahead of time which
>was more than adequate. Sorry to hear the glassy and stripebacks darters
>were not collected. I would like to find a location in VA which has such
>species. As I understand, the
>glassy darter is similar to the sand darters of the Central U.S in behavior
>and appearance.

Both are common in Virginia. If you want locality info, the Cornell and UMMZ
collections are both searchable online, and have a decent amount of VA
material (don't have the URL handy, but you can get to them through
Ichthyology Web Resources). I've gotten both in the same seine haul in tribs
to the James.

Glassy darters are really awesome fish- during the spring, the males become
tuberculate, darken, and are very strikingly pigmented (unlike Ammocrypta,
but similar to Boleosoma [olmstedi, nigrum, susanae, etc.). I'm very
concerned about the status of notogramma in Maryland- it has a very
restricted range in the State, and between the development (post-1995) I
alluded to in my earlier post and this summer's drought, I'm worried that
they might not have made it.

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