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Tue, 28 Dec 1999 18:23:47 CST


>What else should I look for? Pictures of any value to anyone?

Maybe. If your camera has a date function, you could photo-voucher things
like the species I mentioned below if you don't have access to formalin. An
ichthyologist should be able to ID any of the listed taxa from a photo taken
from 1-2' away. If you do have formalin, fixing them in a 10% solution for
2-3 weeks is the optimal method. Before they go in formalin, you need to cut
the abdominal wall of bigger fish (I usually make a 3-4" incision on the
right side) Fish are then washed in water. If you are going to give these
to a museum or the DNR, it's easiest mailing or transporting them at this
stage. Make sure you include good locality data, the date, collector, etc.

>Air temperatures are still below freezing so fish should be fairly well

Yeah, that's what I was thinking too.

>(Cycleptus, Crystallaria, Moxostoma carinatum, Etheostoma histrio)
>What would be the best way to preserve specimens of these if I find
>them? Also need to find out if it is legal to have them in my possession.
>Any links to these so I can ID them for sure?

Folks in the Indiana Natural Heritage Program should be able (and willing)
to assist. Page & Burr's Peterson Guide to NA freshwater fishes should be
sufficient for IDs. Only three redhorse in that area will have a red tail
(river, shorthead, and greater). Both the greater and river are of State
interest. Blue suckers have a conical snout, and a very long dorsal fin.
Crystallaria looks like a logperch, except it has a much longer, wider head.
Etheostoma histrio lacks a swimbladder, so you probably won't find any

Brooks Burr may be interested in the specimens, and might be able to help
with formalin, etc. He's at Southern Illinois University- I'd give you his
email but I'm on my mom's machine and don't have it handy. It should be easy
enough to find.

Best of luck, if there's any way I can help out, let me know.

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