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<< Has anyone had any experiene with digital cameras? >>

Not yet. The information that I have assembled to date says that the pictures
are of lower quality than a "good" 35 mm slide. Since I have never taken
anything close to a "good" 35 mm slide of a fish that may be immaterial. Like
any other technology, the quality is improving and the price is dropping
every day. How long to wait is the key question. VCRs and CD players have
about leveled out in quality/price, if you don't include DVD in that group.
I bought a scanner about 4 years ago and now I could get a better one for a
lot less money but I have had 4 good years of use out of it. It may be the
same with a digital camera. If I upgraded my 35 mm SLR camera with a macro
lens and a remote flash or two I could spend the same money on a digital
camera. Which to do? It would be useful to those of us on the fence if anyone
with any experience would post their results.

Lee Harper

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