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<< Do you folks who use plants to purify aquarium water have trouble using

certain types of plants if there is salt in the water? And how much salt

can you add without harming various types of plants? >>

I use 1 teaspoonful/gallon of salt in all my killifish and some native tanks
(some natives require more). I regularly grow Java moss, Java fern, Riccia,
water sprite, Anubias and Salvinia in these tanks with no problem. This is a
low level of salt which does not show on a hydrometer and is very slightly
salty to the taste. It not only helps prevent velvet but also is a
contributor to the osmotic pressure so that any fish that I receive will be
going into water that has significant conductivity and raised osmotic
pressure. This minimizes damage to the gills when changing them to new water.
An added benefit of this amount of salt is that newly hatched brine shrimp
lives at least 24 hours or until eaten and doesn't foul the water (in moderati
on). Snails, pond and ramshorn, do fine at this salt level.

Lee Harper

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