RE: NANFA-- the folly of man

Jay DeLong (
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 13:40:05 -0800

Shireen Gonzilla said:
> (Y'know I still haven't figured out my favorite
> moth, Mothra, and her two singing fairy friends.)

And why in some movies did Godzilla turn from the vengeful Nature Dude into
the Good Guy Hero Monster? For inquiring minds...

> But what does this all have to do with fish? A lot actually. These stories
> carry subtle messages about how humans are damaging our environment
> and affecting the creatures that depend on it. But to make the point more
> obvious, I think we need a monster fish. Any ideas for a new monster movie
> involving fish? Hmmm... maybe something is "brewing" in Ray Wolff's
> gar pond... the Gargatuan Gar. :-)

Gargantua! Or is there already a monster with that name?

We don't want to affect public perception of fishes like the movie Jaws did
with sharks! :-)
With all the misinformation and fears that movie generated, sharks in some
places are in real trouble.

We need a NANFA version of the Lorax. "I speak for the trees" can become "I
speak for the minnows".

Jay DeLong
daydreaming about the Giant Gambusia that attacked Olympia
Olympia, WA

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