RE: NANFA-- peacock bass

Jay DeLong (
Sun, 19 Dec 1999 21:51:59 -0800

> I had some funny talks with various state employees in
> Massachusetts about
> what to stock in rivers. They invariably thought that what fishermen in
> Massachusetts really wanted was Pacific salmon. So, they stocked
> coho in the North River, south of Boston, several times,

It's just totally amazing to me that that's legal. You cannot build a
bridge over a river without completing an environmental impact statement or
going through some permitting process, but you can destroy a river's ecology
in the name of sport enhancement or fishery "improvement" (introduced
species, rotenone and other poisons, etc). The same goes on here in Pacific
salmonland of course. One of the best walleye fisheries in the country is
in the Columbia River. I mentioned a few months ago to this list that it
has been estimated that these introduced walleyes eat up to 1/3 of
outmigrating salmon smolts in that river.

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA
where Pacific salmon are native and we're still screwing them up

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