NANFA-- damsel fly home

R.W.Wolff (
Wed, 1 Dec 1999 23:41:40 -0600

I have an interesting inhabitant of my bowfin tank. its not in the water
however. the tank is a 110 gallon, 48" long, 32" wide, and 18" deep. I
built a special top for it out of wood and a 4 foot by two foot light
fixture that holds 4 different types of 40 watt bulbs. The distance from
the bulbs/lid to the water is nearly 10 inches. i did this so that the
bowfins would have room to surface, and floating vegatation would have room
to grow. there is floating in this vegamat : water lettuce, water
hyacinth, frog bit, parrot feather, swamp calla, azola, and emergent water
sprite, mosses on floating wood , lillie pads, and probably some other cool
plants. anyway for the past month and a half a pretty little damsel fly
has made its home in this area. It is lavender for the most part, fading
to sky blue on the thorax and has sea green eyes. There were two, but one
flew out when I inadvertantly left the lid open and was found dead by
another tanks bulbs ( maybe trying to get in?). Im not sure what it is
eating, maybe aphids? Other than that there arnt many other bugs on the
surface plants. Not too many neat critters make it in the water, because
the three Louisianan bowfins are quite effeciant at eating all things
except japanese trap door snails ( the live bearing snail) although their
babies are consumed.
Ray ( and the indoor swamp)

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