NANFA-- collectin' today

R.W.Wolff (
Sat, 4 Dec 1999 22:15:32 -0600

Ray Katula came over to see my fish room, ponds and to go out to the marsh
to catch some northern redbelly dace. We headed out around 12:30 and
caught several central mudminnows, brookestickleback, golden shiner,
fathead minnows, northern redbelly dace, finescale dace, pearl dace (
several of these were huge 5-6 inches long) , brassy minnows, blacknose
shiners, and a couple iwoa darters and yellow perch. this was accomplished
with a small 4 by 6 foot seine in a matter of a hour maybe at the one site
I usually go to near Quail Point Flowage just on the South side of Sandhill
Wildlife Area. The water was turbid orange from minerals in the ground
that seem to get in the water more so when it gets colder out. The water
was clear like dark tea in the current area of the middle of the hole.
The bottom of the hole was hard sand, and the sides had up to 2 feet of
muck on them. this pool is filled by a culvert that goes under ball road,
and the pool flows down the channel that is about 3 foot wide and 6 - 12
inches deep ( the actual water area that is) with a normally hard sandy
bottom. Weed types were few now, but there was eel grass, and some
bladderwort that wasnt dormant, as well as a good suppy of anacharis. We
also came up with a few species of snail and a giant water beetle ( the
kind with the grasping forearms). A few frogs ( proabaly green frogs) were
still out along the shore, other than that it was a pretty slow day for
other wildlife, althoug when leaving the area we seen 4 huge turkeys
running across the road.
Ray Wolff

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