NANFA-- daphnia cultures indoors

R.W.Wolff (
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 00:05:37 -0600

This weekend at the Wisconsin Area Killifish Organizations ( W.A.K.O. this
does describe us to a T!) I picked up several live food cultures because I
am sick of relying on the ever increasingly priced brine shrimp. One of
these cultures was daphnia ( what kind I don't know). the guy I got them
from has been keeping them alive indoors and I plan to do the same. Here
is how I started , with directions from the guy I got them from. I placed
them in a large plastic conatainer, about the size of a 30 gallon breeder,
but think it is around 25 gallons. I filled it with "swamp water" I make
for some of my tanks. i then placed several ramshorns snails in there. I
also put in some of the green water ( euglena) and paramecium cultures. I
then put in some small peices of romain lettuce and algae from a tank. I
stuck an airline tube WITHOUT an airstone. The reason for this is small
bubbles will get stuck in the larger daphnia and end up kiling them. I
will keep everyone updated on my progress. hopefully if this works,
everyone with the room can start there own live food "farm" like me and
have a supply of fresh live foods for there fish.
Daphnia serve another purpose in feeding aquarium fish. They help
breakdown "food particles" in the aquarium if they escape being eaten by
the fish. I find this better than the baby brine that turn inot a toxic
gunk if the fish don't get to eat them.
Ray from the swamp =)

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