NANFA-- feeding mudminnows{was MD Collecting 12/26}

R.W.Wolff (
Mon, 27 Dec 1999 13:25:00 -0600

If any of you kept the mudminnows, here is somethign prepared they might
eat. I have found mudminnows to hate prepared foods in general. I found
something that made them change there minds, and now they eat any prepared
foods. these are hikari discus pellets. I had a pair of centrals from my
pond, and a pair of easterns i kept indoors for comparison. I also have a
bigger male central, which is golden colored. The small centrals started
eating the discus pellets right away, and others watching this did not want
to miss out on being fed, started eating them within a few days. now it is
easy to fatten these guys up. I have found alot of finicky fish will take
to this paticular type of pellets. They are expensive, but cheaper ( and
easier) than alot of live foods.

A new live food I have tired and is doing great is grindal worms. they
are easy to keep , and very prolific. If I could just find a larger sized
worm as easy as grindals I would be set.


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