RE: NANFA-- Fish Bites Man

Richard Bell (
Thu, 09 Dec 1999 21:20:51 PST

I didn't actually meet the unfortunate subject. I just hear this tale second

I certainly agree that most animal attacks are indeed cases of mistaken
intentions. The exception being those from crocodiles, occasional cats which
have aquired a taste for human flesh and perhaps a very few other rogue
animals. This is a whole other topic!!!!

As far as 'hanging out' goes......;-) that was a pretty good one! Sadly
though, it was just a Freudian slip. I'm not sharp enough to come up with
one like that on the surface!


>From: "Jay DeLong" <>
>Hee, hee... Any scars, Richard?
>That does raise the question about what is a true "attack". Usually these
>events are human error-- enticement (Richard's "friend"), teasing (bison in
>Yellowstone), mimicking regular prey in the predator's natural habitat
>with sharks), instinctual parental behavior (like bears protecting their
>young), etc. Of course there are also the big cats and crocodiles in Asia
>and Africa that turn man-eater, but even those can be seen as predator-prey
>Jay DeLong
>Olympia, WA
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> > Another interesting story along these lines for those interested.
> >
> > I was hanging out with some nudist friends of mine and someone said that
> > they had been to a naturist park in California and witnessed a rather
> > gruesome incident. While swimming (in the buff of course) a man
> > had had his
> > 'noodle' chomped upon by what was said to be a bass of some sort.
> > The fish
> > evidently went for this wavering member in the murky water just
> > like a bass
> > will! As you can imagine, it was not a pretty site with the bass
> > not wanting
> > to let go of their meal. I think it eventually had to be pried
> > off somehow.
> >
> > This little story has scared me enough to never skinny dip in know bass
> > waters!
> >
> > For those interested in animal attack incidents. Here's a site that
> > attempts to keep track of all of them as reported in the press.
> >
>Another weird hobby of mine.

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