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Sally Johnson (
Sun, 12 Dec 1999 14:52:14 -0700 (MST)

I don't know if this counts, but any way. I am currently working with
fossil fish and we were out at one of my sites. It is a clay quary with
these incredibly tall shear sides and of course we want the bottom four
inches of stuff. We were working the quary floor pulling out these huge
slabs with crow bars and sledge hammers. For some reason that day I was
wearing sandels instead of hiking boots, Big mistake when working with
four guys that were overjoyed to be using sledge hammers to break things.
I was holding one of the crow bar as they were pounding it under the slab.
One of the other guys had stop holding the other crow bar and has my
friend hit the crow bar I was holding it wiggled the other crow bar lose
which fell and smashed my toes and Matt looked at me to figure out what
was wrong he ended up smashing my other foot with the 20lb sledge. but in
the process he also manages to smash his friend in the shin with the
sledge (the one that was suppoased to be holding the crow bar). well any
way when we got the slab up it turrend out to be the most productive of
the day it had three fossil fish in it several insects and bunch of

The only run in I have had with live fish was when I was snorkelling in
Baja and got attacked by a dog tooth snapper. I was floating there
looking at the fish and this fish came up and attacked my fingers. it
scared me to death becasue I was just totally not expecting it.

I have kept fish(mostly cichlids) all my life and never had any problem
getting bit or spined by one of these beasties.



It's smegging stupid. Two grown men on unicycles belting a beach ball up
and down the corridor...with french loaves.


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