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Scott Burner (
19 Dec 99 09:56:15 EST

"Jeremy Carroll" <> wrote:

>One plant to try to avoid in my opnion is duck weed it is virtually
>impossible to eliminate once you get it in a tank and the tiny plant
>will eventually cover every inch of the surface.

Alright thx. I can't use duckweed even if I wanted to cause I have a whipser
power filter and the filter is just to strong. It causes the duckweed to go
under the water and go into the intake tube clogging the filter.

/-- Hi J
The best way I have found to keep a heavily planted tank is to use a spounge
pre-filter on the intake tube. It will even work with a large whisper and duck
weed.I like the duck w because it provides good shelter for fry that hang at
the surface and every so often I feed it to my plant eating fish to thin it
Hey did anyone else see the Dicscovery channel doc on the mimic octopi?
It was amazing. The mimic could immitate a jelly fish, a poisonous water
snake,a snail (by hiding in sand and sticking up only it's eyes), a lion fish,
and I thought most interestingly, and most convincingly as well, a flounder
scooting along the bottom.
Not a native, but imho worthy of mention.
Does any one know of this kind of behavior in any other fish?

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