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22 Dec 99 08:25:53 EST

mcclurg luke e <> wrote:

Not quite accurate, at least in Kansas anyway. Money is obtained through
the licensing of sport fishing. These funds, along with those garnered
from hunting licenses, also benefit "non-game" species in habitat
restoration, purchasing of environmental easements, outright purchasing of
land for protection and other efforts. It's not a huge amount of money,
but it is a start. The only funding I know of for non-game native fishes
comes from the people who buy hunting and fishing licenses.

In Maine the state has begun to raise funds for conservation through
"voluntary" taxes. You can opt to buy a "Super Sport" fishing liscense or a
"conservation liscence plate" for your car (the one with the loon on it). The
program seems to work well as a revenue generator. Wish I knew where the $$$
were going.
On another note, I spoke to the Director of fisheries, Peter Burke, and was
told I can have a scientific collectors permit. It will allow me to use a
blocking seine as well as dip net and bait trap.The liscence is good for a
year and free.I can now fish 365 days!!!!!!!!!!!!

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