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Shireen Gonzaga (
Thu, 02 Dec 1999 18:07:15 -0500

> Shireen, funny thing-- I was looking at the page at the same time! I
> dedicate this one to you: Bird Watching on the Beach!

Thanks, and you know how I feel about shorebirds. :-)

Did I ever tell y'all how I got interested in native fish?
I used to watch herons, egrets, and kingfishers catch
fish and wondered what they were eating. After learning
a bit about the fish at my favorite birdwatching site, I'd
impress other birders with stuff like this:
- That Great Blue Heron is eating a Brown Bullhead
- The Great Egret just got an Eastern Mudminnow
- The Forsters Tern just snatched a Banded Killifish
- the Belted Kingfisher just caught a Spotfin Killifish.

Of course, I was never sure, just based it on educated guesses
using my knowledge of the area fish, their general shape, color,
and size through my telescope or binoculars. But the birdwatchers
were pretty impressed. :-)

> Is Big Wet Rodent Day referring to Groundhog Day?

Big Wet Rodent - it's a song about beavers. I saw that episode,
^ ^ ^
definitely a classic Acorn.

- sg

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