Re: NANFA-- Loch Ness Monster of North America

Shireen Gonzaga (
Tue, 14 Dec 1999 11:22:59 -0500

> They should also be taken seriously since some evidence is hard to
> dismiss. Aside from the more famous monsters, there are quite a
> few documented sightings of various mystery animals by
> irreproachable witnesses.

Yup, absolutely. I saw bigfoot.

> Amazing that such a large animal is so well documented, and eludes
> us yet. There is good evidence for Architeuthis which are much
> larger than the 50' which is commonly supposed.

Architeuthis is awesome! Read Monsters of the Deep sometime by
Richard Ellis, it great. And next time you're at the Smithsonian Museum
of Natural History, check out their real juv. Architeuthis spp. specimen--
it's cool!

> Interestingly, the common basking shark has been responsible for
> innumerable reports of sea monster carcasses. The appearance of
> a decayed basking shark is quite deceptive to the uninformed.

I once remember a newspaper clipping of a Japanese trawler that
pulled out a decaying carcass in the shape of a plesiosaur. It was
pretty impressive. They had to throw the carcass overboard because
it smelled so bad, but tissue samples were saved. It turned out to be
a ripe basking shark.


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