RE: NANFA-- the folly of man

Shireen Gonzaga (
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 17:13:36 -0500 (EST)

> And why in some movies did Godzilla turn from the vengeful Nature Dude into
> the Good Guy Hero Monster? For inquiring minds...

Oh that's easy--he was such a hit and money became a factor.
So the later movies got cutesy for commercial-draw reasons.

> Gargantua! Or is there already a monster with that name?

Yes. Sorry. Maybe Ray knows its name. Hullo? Ray? You OK, buddy?

> We don't want to affect public perception of fishes like the movie
> Jaws did with sharks! :-)

Oh don't get me started on that sorry excuse of a movie, that is,
for someone who likes sharks. It's all about titilation--the
blood and guts factor. Peter Benchley has done a lot of damage to
sharks, along with my buddy Architeutis (did you see that ridiculous
Benchley "attack squid" tv movie about a year ago??!)

And we get the same garbage from people who should know better.
Take Discovery Channel and Animal Planet for example, they keep
having these "shark attack" documentaries. Really, what's the point?
Probably the same reason they keep having tornado and emergency room
documentaries. Blood and guts make good ratings. If these documentary
makers want blood and guts, they should interview some of the people
who have been stung by madtoms. The Knights of Notorus. My heroes.

- sg

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