Re: NANFA-- How fish get from A to B

Shireen Gonzaga (
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 20:43:50 -0500

Jay DeLong wrote:

> Dave said:
> > Another neat thing to do, if you are doing any mist netting for bird
> > banding, why not wash the little chicken's toes into a sterile
> > basin (with autoclaved pond water) and see what grows...? ;)
> Or get some chicken legs from a processing plant, or legs similar to the
> ones you think belong to the birds transferring the eggs. Tie them to a
> stick and "walk" them through the grass beds and see if the eggs really do
> stick to the legs and feet.

Oh, that is *brilliant*!!! I'm gonna call the refuge biologist
right now--I have his home number somewhere-- and
propose it as a project for next spring! But just in case there
are no chicken legs in April, I better go get them right now.
Oh, yes, and a freezer too so they don't spoil. Don't worry
Jay, I'll credit you fully for that idea in our paper, the one
we will write for the Annals of Improbable Research.
I am so impressed at how your training as a fisheries biologist
has produced a scientist of such outstanding caliber and
innovative imagination.

- shireen

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