NANFA-- Alligator Snapping Turtle

Hoover, Jan J WES (
Mon, 14 Feb 2000 14:08:14 -0600

I was having e-mail problems Friday through Saturday. Tried to post this
but I do not think it went through. If it did, then I apologize for the
repeat(s). Thought that it was pretty interesting (but then I am a closet

The recent thread regarding Ray's road sighting of a large snapping turtle
reminded me:

There is an unsubstantiated "record" of a gigantic snapping turtle, possibly
an alligator snapping turtle, in Churubusco, Indiana. "Oscar," aka "The
Beast of 'Busco" was discovered living in a pond in 1948. Size estimates
ranged from that of a dining-room table to that of a pickup truck. Hunts
were organized but were unsuccessful. The farmer who owned the pond
reputedly was later able to get a rope around the turtle which he attached
to "four strong horses." The turtle hunkered and the horses were unable to
extricate him. Oscar was never seen again.

Residents of Churubusco have (or used to have) an annual festival called
Turtle Days to commemorate their most celebrated resident.

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