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> At 12:15 PM -0500 2/3/00, wrote:>I also agree that planing
> is a mayor part, we can't buy a fish because "it's
> >cute", it's important to look at the BIG PICTURE, :-) I myself can't kill
> >any fish that I've kept unless is an accident.
> That's why we need some cold-hearted volunteers to dispatch them! :)

Or sensible volunteers!

What we are talking about here is similar to what regular human societies
do with unwanted dogs and cats. I think that trying to educate people to plan
ahead and dispelling the myth that fish only grow in proportion to the size
container they are kept in is paramount. Although this is true to some extent
it isn't true in the way many people in the pet industry insinuate. A stunted
fish is not healthy and to do so purposefully is cruel. I think that
publicizing facts like this should be an important part of any "humane"
society for fish. Dog and cat humane societies regularly promote the
neutering of pets to cut down on the unwanted births and subsequent inmates
in the societies death row. Although most fish don't need to be neutered ;)
the trade in really large fish should not be conducted under false pretenses.


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