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Jeffrey Fullerton (
Wed, 23 Feb 2000 14:21:34 -0500

Native Fish Enthusiasts

I just forwarded a couple links regarding the place in Illinois where a
community of a few state T & E species were established in a small lake
or pond that is part of an eco-friendly community development. The
fishes include Iowa Darters, Western Banded Killifish, Blacknose &
Blackchin Shiners. They were transplanted from a healthy population in a
natural lake with the permission of the DNR and as of now the new
populations are thriving.
It is interesting to note that this transplant was focused on the
establishment of a community of companion species as opposed to a single
species. These fish by the way are part of what is considered the
'Calcarious Lake/ Wetland Community - typical of glacial pothole lakes
in the upper midwest which makes them ideal candidates for populating
man-made refugia.
Also note the efforts aimed at restoring the native prairie vegetation
and health of the surrounding terrestrial ecosystem. What happens on the
land affects the water. The Prairie Crossing Web site looks like a good
resource for Luke McClure and others looking for help to restore their
properties which they couldn't get from the government. These are the
people to talk to if you are really serious.

Also the project is worth watching as time goes on. This looks like a
good model for creating more sustainable human communities that
integrate more harmoniously with the natural world as opposed to
clearing it away and radically restructuring it.
As well as a model for the management of sport fisheries - use of
indigenous stocks of forage fish including rare species instead of
importing fathead minnows and Golden Shiners from halfway across the

Good Day to All

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