RE: NANFA-- environment and the presidency

Jay DeLong (
Tue, 22 Feb 2000 16:34:13 -0800

> Well, obviously you didn't think your question through and don't
> understand the circumstances here. I would reintroduce them to habitats
> that have been restored and will be protected.

I think that's a noble goal personally.

> DUH! why is everything always a confrontation on this list.
> I'm getting pretty sick of it.

I know it seems that way. If your parents or a close friend said the same
thing to you would you consider it a confrontation or discussion? Here's
what I think when I get pissed off by the content of discussions. They're
just discussions and opinions. I now look at this list as a "training
ground" for ideas and opinions. No matter how heated things can get,
they're caused by people passionate about the environment and fishes. Out
in the real world where people don't give a rip about fishes and habitat is
the real challenge and where you'll find the nastiest confrontations.

> Should we
> just be happy we have wolves somewhere, or should we try to bring them
> back to habitat that will support them and where they are needed?
> C'mon, everybody has their opinion, time to hear from some of the others
> out there and not just the 'vocal minority'.

Lucas, I'm part of the vocal minority I suppose, but can I still answer? I
say the key phrase in your statement is "the habitat that will support
them". After that add carefully planned reintroductions (genetics,
ecological interactions, disease) and I'll be your #1 supporter. We've got
to try and restore diversity where we've destroyed it.

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

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