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B.G. Granier (
Wed, 23 Feb 2000 21:02:42 -0600

Dear Sirs and Madam's.......

Please see the below message from one of our premier native fish experts!

> Hi B.G.:
> I recently read your wonderful message to NANFA about your collecting
> trip to Alabama. I am a new member to NANFA, but I am a longtime
> ichthyologist and college teacher here at Southern Arkansas University
> in Magnolia, AR. Previously I have written Fishes of Oklahoma and
> Fishes of Arkansas and have a long standing interest in aquarium fishes
> as a proverbial "pair of guppies" started me off on my career track
> toward biology and ichthyology in particular when I was but 12 years
> old. In any event, I was in correspondence with my friend John Brill
> who mentioned your name. I decided to contact you after seeing your
> wonderful description of your Alabama collecting trip. I could tell
> from your interesting message that you truly love native fishes. John
> also said you had 30 years of colelcting experience to back that up.
> Hopefully, I can make it through Mobile, AL to visit the fancy guppies
> of Gerry Roberts and the native fishes of Tim Wolfe and Dick Stober. I
> love your idea of getting these people to relate their stories on the
> history of NANFA, etc.
> Only two weeks ago I was in Baton Rouge visiting a friend at LSU about
> some research we are doing and I thought about calling you, but my time
> was short and I did not want to call you on such short notice. My
> colleague took me to see some land he owned north of Baton Rouge near
> St. Francisville and we went right past a road sign that said Baker, LA
> which is where I believe you close!
> In any event, I wanted to introduce myself and to write you so that the
> next time I come down that way, I might stop in and visit you. Also, I
> plan on attending the NANFA meeting in jackson and if you are coming, i
> could meet you there. Are you a member of the AKA? I just joined that
> organization also. I knew about it years ago, but I had lost contact
> with the organization until becoming friends with John Brill.
> So, I am hopeful that you will write back. I trust all is well with you
> and your family.
> Blue skies,
> Rob
> Henry W. Robison, Ph.D.
> Professor of Biology
> Southern Arkansas University
> P.O. Box 9354
> Magnolia, AR 71754-9354
> email:

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