RE: NANFA-- hatchery shad vs. hatchery salmon answer

Jay DeLong (
Thu, 24 Feb 2000 13:05:20 -0800

> The only people to complain about it the shad fishing
> industry, which stated that there is no conclusive scientific
> evidence that
> taking shad from the ocean is affecting the numbers of shad that
> spawn upriver.
> Duh! The reason there's no "evidence" is that no one's bothered
> to waste the money proving a foregone conclusion!

Sounds quite familiar :-) Fishers say it's the habitat, and people with
land interests say it's the harvest. Chris, I'm sure you're right, but if I
was looking into this without the benefit of your knowledge, I'd ask whether
ocean harvest would have much affect if the shad can't spawn naturally
anyway. However, if rivers with good water quality and without dams are
also experiencing declining runs, that's a pretty good sign something is
wrong on the harvest end.

> Other than limited recreational dipnetting and catch-and-release angling,
> nobody's taking shad from the waters where they are being
> intensively stocked.

Then why are they being stocked? And why shad? (Not looking for an
answer...just thinking out load about priorities and motivations)

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

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