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<< As far as the impact on fish shops, they are creating the problem, so I
don't have much sympathy. Though we could offer the fish back to them.
Many don't want the large fish that take longer to sell. Maybe a competing
service would encourage them to take back unwanted pets and publicize said
policy. They can euthanize just as well as we can. Or they can resell. >>

I think that the pet stores shouldn't worry too much about it; a large amount
of unwanted fish are large fish that are difficult for stores to sell anyway,
so it seems like it wouldn't really impact their business if some place was
giving away these fish for free. If it bothers them that much, they should
try to switch to selling different fish that don't grow so big.This could be
an angle that the education committee could use as far as keeping fish that
grow unsuitably large for the aquarium, trying to educate stores about the
myth of large game fish growing only to the size of their aquarium being
false.It seems as if this is one of the major causes of people either wanting
to take their fish back to the pet store or letting them go into the nearest
waterbody because they're too big to keep. Like the stores that do take large
fish back, if they're told that it is not in their best interests to sell
fish that get too big in the first pace then maybe they will focus more on
other smaller fish species. This could make things a lot easier as far as
trying to reduce the amount of exotics released in the wild.

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