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> Unfortunatly, raising larger foods is limited unless you have yard space
> for a pond and a small garden.
> Worms can be "raised" in a garden that is shaded and well watered. Here is
> what I do to boost my worm population. All winter dump your compostable
> items right on the garden ( when the worms are dormant), till this and any
> dead leaves in yard in the spring. Keep a small compost pile for the rest
> of the year, spread this on the garden in the fall and that will be tilled
> in the spring as well. Of course growing vegatables here is a good idea.
> Minnows and killifish can fill a pond full of small fish to feed your
> fish throughout the warm months. Have thick weed growth and lots of
> crevices made of driftwood and rocks. current over the rocks helps for
> certain species. Another smaller fishless pond can be used for daphnia.
> Bloodworms and glass worms should show up naturally, as will mosquito
> larvae if there is some decomposing vegatation on the bottom. Not too much
> that it fouls the water.
> Once you get the Idea of how the worms and daphnia grow outdoors this
> should be able to be duplicated in doors. If the pond is deep enough, the
> fish should make it through the winter. A stock tank heater will keep the
> pond from getting to cold, but are expeensive to run. I am hoping to find
> a cheap

Ray I have a catalog for a place that sells "KITS" to raise worms,
butterflies and other things, they actually sell to schools and such, but the
worm raising kits are really good the average price is $49.00 to 69.99? Can't
remember now, and you raise worms and make compost for the garden at the same
time. If anyone wants the number for the place I'll post it.

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