R.W.Wolff (
Wed, 16 Feb 2000 13:12:22 -0600

North American Fishing Clubs latest magazine had an article on the
importance of not using "non-native" baitfish. alewife were used for bait
on a body of water and are destroying native fish populations there. They
emphasized the importance of finding out what species of bait fish were
native to the body of water you are fishing, so in case of bait escaping
the hook, they would just join the current population of baitfish. From my
own experience, "matching the hatch" is better for success in fishing
anyway. So say the forage base of golden shiners for bass would dictate
using golden shiners, rather than creek chubs. Some may argue that using
an oddity would trigger curious stirkes, but the big ol' wiley fish are
used to feeding on certain things, certain times of the year. Matching
their lucnh at the right time improves catching the lunker.
This brings up a similar thread of local fish stores. Local bait stores or
"mom and pop" operations usually get there bait locally, so the
possiblities of introduced "exoctics" is decreased. Another good reason to
support local small businesses.

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