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Tue, 22 Feb 2000 15:50:10 -0600

Great idea, but............(why is there always a but?) I am in the process
of designing and planning a pond and wildlife area for my back yard. The
pond will be approx 1 1/2 acres in size and the wildlife area would take up
another acre or two. Trees, prairie grasses, wildflowers and such. Anyway,
I have written to both the DNR and the Fish and Wildlife Service and in
both cases have received nothing but a bunch of negative attitudes. All
they want to do is talk about permits and crap. No helpful advice, no words
of encouragement. The very agencies that are supposed to be encouraging the
responsible use of our native resources and they are not even the least bit
concerned with trying to help someone return some land back to a natural,
wildlife friendly, state. It's almost like they would prefer that I had all
this land tied up in a useless expanse of turf grass. Very frustrating.

I agree with what Jeff goes on to say, but am still frustrated by the lack
of not only assistance, but even minimal encouragment or guidance. Maybe in
the scheme of things my little few acres don't mean squat to the big DNR
and F&WS but don't you have to start somewhere? The opportunities to save
and restore thousands or even hundreds of acres are practically gone. It's
time for these agencies to start helping the smaller projects. What's the
old saying, "if you watch the pennies the dollars take care of themselves."

Sorry, I'm venting, but I do feel better after typing it out.

Ty "thinking about putting in a golf course instead" Hall (I've got some bad pic's of my bluegills and perch on
my Pets page)

Native Fish Enthusiasts

How about as an alternatvive to heavy-handed authoritarian intervention - a
partnership between government and landowners - 'stakeholders' as in the
case of
the Conasaugua watershed and other places where emphisis on cooperation has
had a
beneficial impact.

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