Re: NANFA-- plants and mollies

Gupp (
Wed, 09 Feb 2000 18:55:30 -0700

I'd like to offer a different view point here. My tap water comes out at
around 8.2 and that's what I use in my tanks. I have several types of
mollies, some I've had for a number of years, and I don't add any salt.
I also have quite a few Amazon swords growing in sevral tanks and even
had one bloom and produce little swords last year, it's in an African
cichlid tank. I also have several other types of swords, including a
melon that produced once and some E. horemanii that almost never stop
blooming and producing. Maybe my situation is a fluke but I do have
pretty hard water, Amazon swords and mollies.



bockj wrote: > > Hello, Sajjad. Amazon swords, I fear, wouldn't do well, because the water > is so hard--8.0 and above. And the mollies are doing great. What keeps > them happy and healthy is adding cichlid salt to the tank--which also makes > it tough to grow soft water plants like amazon swords.

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