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Tue, 8 Feb 2000 11:27:08 EST

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<< unfortunalty the mudminnows are not considered killifish ( but in my
opinion with the new splitting of the killifish family they might as well
be because the different types have been so far removed from each other) .

I was aware that the Cyprinodontidae had been split but not that they had
been widely separated in terms of their relationship to each other. all I
knew was that they had been split into the Fundulidae and Cyprinodontidae. Do
they have a bunch of intervening groups of fish placed between them which
they are supposed to be more related to than to each other?

<< anyway, the best way
to dfine muds from killis is the killis mouth is tubular, and the top "lip"
goes all the way around the mouth. the mudminnows mouth opens up like our
own, and can not be "extended" >>

Yeah, that's one thing I noticed about my mudminnow versus the one killi I've
kept so far (flagfish). I've seen my flagfish extend his lips when he yawned
and I've never seen my mudminnow do this.

<< If you are trying to get your mudminnows to eat prepared foods,
try Hikari discus pellets. these things kick butt. Muds wont eat anything
not kicking, but these seem to work! >>

My mudminnow eats frozen food but he only strikes at it as it descends to the
bottom of the tank or if it hangs at the water surface. Thanks for the tip
about Hikari discus pellets; I'll give them a try!

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