Re: NANFA-- pygmy gamefish

R.W.Wolff (
Tue, 8 Feb 2000 10:51:22 -0600

I was just exaggerating all the splitting going on. It is becoming
confusing to me what is related and what isnt. They split all these fish
up, but dont print guides or something that explain the new relationships (
I'm sure it is in publications like copiea, but who gets it, and sifting
through all of it would be too time consuming). it would be nice if all
this so called work was going on that more easily obtained infromation
about it was out there. Its like all of a sudden, "oh, those arent related
to them anymore because of some little bone structure is different," or
some obscure thing like that. Im not into lumping by any means, but it
just seems to be getting way out there. From what I here , this goes in
swings, and in another 20 years there maybe discussions of why the newest
taxonimists grouped the white bass with the perch.( just an example of the
other extreme). "Old timers" have also told me that the collegs studenst
need something to write their thesis on and this new controversy keeps the
people who write field guides food on the table. If everything chnages so
drastically every so often ,then new books wil have to be printed. It
seems to make sense that atleast a small part of this is driven by
economics. Take that for what its worth.
Personally i feel, if this keeps up, every fish will be its own family.
this is not what I was taught in biology classes. There was a thread about
this a while back, but it didnt seem to answer these questions for me.
The AKA does a good job showing some of these relationships in the JAKA
their equivelant to the American Currents.

I geuss this could all be a conspiricy and we need to call agents Skully
and Mulder. =)


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