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<< I've never tried this but I remember a gadget they used to sell on
TV to turn bottles into interesting things like drinking glasses.
Essentially it was a standard cutting wheel mounted on a stand so
that you could get uniform circlular cuts on bottles. You would then
tap the bottle on the scored area with a small hammer and it would
seperate. Those glass carboys are hard to find nowadays; you're
lucky to have one. >>

I roughly remember how my Dad did it when I was a kid. He would remove the
bottom of round gallon glass jugs, invert them, put a rubber stopper in them
with an airline through it and use them as brineshrimp hatcheries. Seems
like he built a rough wooden rack to hold them.

His procedure was this:

- he would tie a cotton string tightly around the area he wanted the break to

- he would soak the string with gasoline or some flammable; lighter fluid
might work.

- he would light the string on fire. I don't recall for how long, probably
just a minute or so.

- he would then dip the jug into a bucket of water while the string was still
on fire. The glass would break at the string.

That is as I recall it. It might take some experimenting. I'd like to know
if meets with success on this.

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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