NANFA-- Sunfish spawns

R. W. Wolff (
Sat, 19 Feb 2000 17:21:58 -0800

I managed to get a good number of well developed fry off my Orange spotted
sunfish nest today. I timed this just right I believe. The last several
spawns I was too late and believe the golden shiners ate the newly fry
swimming spawn, or I was too early and by placing them in a grow out tank
they became mired in the bottom substrate.

These have got to be the smallest lepomis fry there are. When most fry are
quite visible, these are almost clear to the point of being invisible, and
all that is seen is two eyes moving around. Hopefully they take to the
thick paramecium culture I introduced into the tank.

My Bantam fry are doing good. The large male is again on a nest of eggs,
the other two small males are not allowed to spawn with the only female in
this 30 gallon.

The Louisiana dollar sunfish fry that have been growing for sometime are now
looking like little sunfish, rather than pieces of silicone floating about
with eyes on the front. They are nearing a half an inch.

I am going to attempt reintroducing my North Carolina dollars again this
weekend. I tried this two weekends ago with no success. The female was not
ready, and with all the cover was able to get away from the male. He may
have been able to force here onto the nest if it weren't for these
obstacles. She was showing the sharp contrasting bars of a ready female


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