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Gupp (
Tue, 08 Feb 2000 16:27:42 -0700


Val would probably survive but won't grow and expand without good
lighting, which with Val might not be a bad thing. I get so much of the
stuff I often end up feeding it to my ducks. :) (they like duckweed too)
I have never had a problem with Val not growing in any well lighted tank
I've put it in, regardless of the gravel, which is pretty much the only
thing I use in all my tanks. Swords are a real good idea, they grow
slowly but will grow in low light. I would go with Amazon swords they
seem to do the best in low light situations, some of the others don't.
Java ferns, Bolbitus and Java moss should do ok too, as will your
crypts. I would also try Rotala indica, not as pretty in low light but
does grow, Aponogeton, Anubias and maybe a Nymphaea. Hornwort might work
if you need a floater. I grow all these in my water and it's about as
hard as it can get and still be liquid.



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