Re: NANFA-- Bush puts hold on "dead zone" plan
Sun, 4 Feb 2001 21:28:28 EST

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<< Bruce, I don't know why you characterize my feelings like this, but they
don't reflect who I am. The language of your comments to me suggests your
personal biases. You seem to be judging me by your own world view-- talk
about influences! >>

You nailed me on this one, Jay. Bob Bock wrote me off list and subtly
pointed out how lame my rebuke of you was. Thanks, Bob; I can get a little
out there sometimes. It's just that I resent authority telling me what I
have to do; I'd rather be in a partnership in the solution to our problems.
I believe most people want to be accountable and benevolent about their
interactions with other lifeforms on this planet, my suggestion is to create
partnerships with all players, not more bureaucratic legislating. In truth,
government can't do it without our cooperation and we won't do it without
government intervention. Greed and over-population all but ensure that to be
so. Bruce Stallsmith wisely stated that we need government to effect the
largescale changes to protect the environment.

Bruce Scott
Meridian, Idaho

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