NANFA-- Redfin pickles!
Tue, 6 Feb 2001 22:44:04 EST

I finally caught another one of those redfin pickerels I have been yammering
about for the last two years! I was plugging, using a very tiny rooster tail,
in the much biodegraded stream that I last saw what I think my be a local
variant of redfin pickerel. After about an hour of plugging in what must be
the last hole of water left in this 10' wide stream I decided to do a little
bit of dip netting and low and behold! I caught a tiny pickerel about 1.5"
long! They have already spawned! So instead of catching what I hoped to be a
breeder I caught a baby. So now all I have to do is catch a few more buddies
and fatten them up. I was really afraid they had become extinct in this
stream. BTW in this stream these pickles only get about 8" or so and are more
colorful than the ones in larger streams. This stream is somewhat isolated
because it's out flow is into a brackish river. The stream used to drain a
large swampy area but now it drains a housing development and several parking
lots and is full of silt with an oil slick most of the time.


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