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Brian Haas (
Wed, 07 Feb 2001 13:48:23 -0600


Thanks once again for pushing me in the right dirction in my book shopping
excursions. "Pets from the Pond" also sounds interesting. I've heard of
pablum before. Do I dare ask what that is?


Travis Haas
Hazel Green, Wisconsin

At 12:03 PM 2/7/01 -0600, you wrote:
>>>>I remember someone mentioning the book _Field Guide To Lower Aquarium
>Animals_ by Edward T. Boardman a while back. Does anyone own this book or
>have anything to say about it, good or bad?
>Travis Haas<<<
>Travis -
>Late comments on Boardman's "Lower" book -
>This is one of the few (only?) comprehensive guides to aquarium care of
>freshwater invertebrates. The biology is excellent, but the bulk of the
>text is natural history, rather than specific guidelines to maintaining the
>animals in captivity. There are lots of useful tips though for a wide range
>of taxa and the book is well worth the $10-12 you see it listed for in
>book-finding services. I use my copy quite a bit and highly recommend it.
>If you are interested in the Boardman book you might also be interested in
>this book:
>Pets from the Pond, 1958, by Margaret Waring Buck, Abington Press, New York
>and Nashville, 72 pp.
>Buck's book is written for a younger audience and is a lot less scientific
>than Boardman's, but it covers vertebrates and invertebrates, provides
>creative ideas for improvising aquarium containers and collecting gear,
>etc.. Some of the information is definitely dated or of questionable value
>(e.g., Pablum, Farina, and graham cracker crumbs as fish foods), but there
>is a lot of good information in it and its fun to look at. You get the
>impression that Ms Buck really kept all of the animals she writes about and
>had some degree of success in doing so. The book can be found for
>next-to-nothing at library sales (e.g., for $1) or can be ordered through
>book-finding services on the internet for moderate prices (e.g., $10).

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