Re: NANFA-- Rainbow shiners spawning

Al G Eaton (
Fri, 9 Feb 2001 06:36:50 -0800 (PST)

Tony said:

I don't expect the female
> to color up like this
> though. Does the female of related species like
> saffron, redlip, yellowfin and
> kin color up too?

The females of rainbow shiners are very pretty as
well as the males, but dont show the degree or depth
of the male's color. There is no mistaking the
females though as she fills up with roe. I cant
comment on the other shiners as I have never kept

Bruce seemed astounded at the fishes accuracy:

Um Bruce, the shots are undoctored... shot as is
algae and all. This strain is different than the ones
you have. These are from the southern end of the
range and are a smaller and more colorful fish than is
found around Fort Payne. I also have an aquarium full
of ones Casper, Luke and I caught last fall....they
haven't blossomed into their breeding dress yet and
its very very hard to tell the differences in sexes in
the fort payne collection with any certainty. I have
a third location from along the Conasauga that is
virtually identical to the Ft Payne collection. The
christmas moss and ludwigia I collected there is
growing well in my aquariums so those tanks dont have
the algae. Hopefully, these will decide to spawn
also, so I can get a better grasp of their sexual
dimorphism. The ones from southern alabama are very
easy to separate into sexes...with the males always
showing quite a bit of the metallic blue.

> Bruce Stallsmith wrote:
> > Yeah, your shots of the rainbows are pretty
> accurate.
> > Huntsville, AL
> >

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