NANFA-- new england meeting
Sun, 11 Feb 2001 18:26:20 EST

wow we had a great time at the nanfa meeting. the movie was about Peter
Umack ( i hope I spelled it correctly ) and the desert pup fish. wow. that
is a great movie. even though I have been hearing about his work here on the
nanfa emails. the movie really hit me hard. the impact of what is really
happening comes through so well in a movie. I rate the movie as a 5 star. a
must see. siskel and ebert would give it 2 thumbs up.

then the best part was after the meeting. and Rick Rego says lets all go see
if we can collect some fish. well eveyone can guess that George ( that's me
) is winter jumping to catch some fish. but it is about 10 F outside and my
hopes were low. But Rick takes us to a near by stream or tidal river. and
the tide was low. and the water was frozen. so he showed us another use for
a dip net. use the handle end to break through the ice. now really. the
water is about an inch deep and frozen everywhere. You guessed it. Rick
Rego breaks up the ice and scoops up some killy fish. mummachogs. WOW. I
go from the frozen winter dulldrums to high fun and laughter. everyone
caught fish. after lots of laughs and fun, we departed. the greatest
meeting. I caught my first nanfa fish. a true north american native fish.
hehe. and now I am looking forward to all the future stuff when this freeze
goes away. we do have a forcast for highs to go above freezing later this

all you guys in sunny florida can eat your hearts out. I know you all wish
you were at the New England Nanfa February Meeting. You could have cooled
down from those terrible 70's and 80's. down to nice comfortable 10 F. well
at least it was above zero. hehe. cold is 10 F below. hehe. Brian caught
fish also. he and Rick always catch fish together. so I want to thank Brian

George Arndt
Harvard, MA
feeling great today

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