Re: NANFA-- New 75g

R. W. Wolff (
Mon, 12 Feb 2001 14:53:43 -0600

I will have to disagree a bit. I wouldn't keep them species of darter, or
any sculpin( unless they were monstorous) with the sunfish, but creek chubs
should get along fine with the sunfish. The shiners it depends on specie. I
have kept golden shiner and pearl dace with sunfish and they had gotten
along fine. The minnows were the same size or larger [longer] than the
sunfish they were with though. I also had lots of excess duckweed I fed the
shiners and dace so they were getting food the sunfish were not interested
in, I think this may help in stopping quarrels over territory or food. The
two reasons I kept these cyprinids with the sunfish was to clean algae and
duckweed up, and to be dither fish for the more reluctent orange spotted
sunfish in the tank. This was in a 75 gallon also. I would say that if the
shiners were a large enough species, and not wanting to eat only the same
foods as the sunfish, it should work out fine. Just my own experiences

> shiners, darters and sculpin seperate from the lepomis/sunfish in your 55

On a side note, three 5 -6 inch golden shiners in my 75 gallon have cleaned
up all duckweed, green algae, AND blue green type algaes. I was surprised
they ate the last one, but the tank is spotless except for a film of tough
algae "roots" on the rocks which the snails graze on.

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