NANFA-- Grand Bahama

Mike Thennet (
Tue, 20 Feb 2001 16:02:15 -0500

Just got back from Grand Bahama last weekend. What a wonderful trip.
Marci and I went snorkeling last Friday and saw juvenile and adult
barracuda, rays, grunts, parrot fish, wrasse, gobies, blennies,
goatfish, hogfish, sergeant majors, yellow tailed damsels, sea fans,
brain coral, staghorn corals, fire coral (don't touch) and so much more!

It is almost impossible to describe the colors and diversity of
Deadman's Reef. Luckily, it was all accessible via the beach, no boat
trip required. Even the small tide pools on the shore were littered
with a myriad of juvenile smaller species and organisms.

The trip, however, was not without dangers. During the day at the
beaches and in the evenings, lots of drinking and carrying on was
required for adequate completion of the vacation. Staying up into the
late hours of the night playing blackjack and slot machines at the
Casino were also required. The big challenge was eating copious amounts
of seafood until I almost poisoned myself with iodine. I'm lucky to
have made it home. So if any of you plan to go there sometime, be


P.S. Ray Wolff, congratulations on both the birth and the spawning.
You are definitely a male raised for breeding purposes.

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