Re: NANFA-- plastic storage tubs as aquariums?
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<<[The rubbermaid tubs work] great. I really like the 50 gal ones as well. We've found some made by other companies that (while not quite as heavy) work great for less $$. We've used them as sumps and even plumbed up to about a dozen together to make grow-out systems.

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I agree about the rubbermaid water containers, just be careful as they gather heat because they are dark-colored and can cook if left in direct sun for parts of the day during summer. I like getting plastic 55 gallon barrels (for $5)and cutting them in half - lengthwise and using each half as a 25 gallon nursery for my dwarf crayfish and other small fish or fish fry. They create lots of surface area for the volume of water and also do well at growing water plants. I just put pond mud in the bottom, fill with water, plant and place where the tub gets sufficient sunlight. And as you can see from the math, I get a 25 gallon container for $2.50.
Bruce Scott
Meridian, Idaho

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