NANFA-- Collecting Legalities (Part 1)

Jay DeLong (
Tue, 27 Feb 2001 21:00:20 -0800

This is a letter I got from website visitor Ted Clayton, and I've included
my response (his initial message follows my response below). Perhaps
someone else has something to add or correct regarding Alaska and
California collecting regulations.

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

>To: "Ted Clayton" <> >From: Jay DeLong <> >Subject: Re: Collecting Legalities > >Hi Ted. >I live in Washington also and am sorry to tell you and your brother that >indeed there are regulations in your states and most all other western >states that prohibit collecting fish from the wild. Most folks on the >NANFA page that have written about this are east of the Rockies, and often >are able to collect fish with only a fishing or bait-collecting >license. Here in WA you'd need a scientific collecting permit and they're >rather complicated to apply for and receive. From what I've heard, the >situation in California is the same. > >As for Alaska, I don't know. Contact ADFG through their website and they >should be able to steer you to the proper person. The reason agency >websites don't list information like this is because there aren't that >many people collecting aquarium fish, it isn't a revenue-generator for the >agencies, and bait fishing is strictly limited (in California) or illegal >(in WA, OR, and others). > >Regards, > >Jay DeLong >Olympia, WA > > >At 09:44 AM 2/20/01 -0800, you wrote: >>Hello; >> >>I and my brother have recently been pursuing the topic of home-scale >>aquaculture, both for recreational and possible food purposes. >> >>The NANFA resources are fascinating. They make plain that folks are >>collecting, maintaining and breeding native wild species. This is an >>exciting prospect. >> >>A few days ago, I would have been sure the regulatory climate would >>prohibit such activities, and am encouraged to discover it is being done >>widely. >> >>I have wandered and poked around the NANFA website, looking for guidance >>or pointers, on the matter of legalitities and regulations, but without luck. >> >>Certainly, the very first piece of information that I need to access, is >>the legal situation. I notice that you provide a page linking to Fish & >>Wildlife Departments for all 50 States and the Provinces. Questions >>about the live collecting and keeping wild fishes do not seem to be >>easily answered at these places. >> >>Can you help me obtain this vital regulatory information? (My bother is >>in Solano County, California, I am on the Olympic Peninsula of >>Washington, and I am also interested in Alaska.) >> >>Thanks! >> >>Ted Clayton

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