NANFA-- Collecting in SC
Mon, 4 Feb 2002 21:48:49 EST

This past Saturday Dustin, Cal, Dick Norwood, his daughter Emily, my daughter
Stephanie and I went out to do some collecting. We started out with plans to
visit three sites in Camden, SC. The first two were located less than a
mile apart. First stop was a place called Big Pine Tree Creek. At this
location the water was very dark with hardly any movement. The depth quickly
dropped off so most collecting was done right around the edges. OK, here are
the fish that we caught:

Carolina pygmy sunfish
Bluespotted sunfish
Banded sunfish
Black banded sunfish
Lined topminnow
Pirate perch
Mosquito fish

On a previous trip to this spot, Dustin and I caught the above fish and also
several Swampfish and a Flier. While at this spot we walked to a small pool
back in the woods and as Dustin was about to dip his net into a patch of
weeds I noticed him suddenly start backstroking. In the water where he was
about to dip was a Water Moccasin of about 4 feet in length. We watched it
for a bit, showed it to the girls so they would know what one looked like and
moved on. This was a good time to move on to the next spot.

The next place was an unnamed stream (as far as we know) that runs into Big
Pine Tree Creek. Most of the year it is a swampy pond but occasionally it is
drawn down, as it was this day. The current was fairly strong and had cut a
pretty good channel but we jumped right in anyway. Almost immediately we
started hauling fish out. This is what we found here:

Brook silverside
Creek chubsucker
Juv. pickerel
Swamp darter
Bluespotted sunfish
Black banded sunfish
Banded sunfish
Carolina pygmy sunfish
Spotted sunfish
Tadpole madtom
Lined topminnow
Pirate perch

We found a good bit of really nice driftwood at this spot. The girls caught
Blackbanded sunfish, swamp darters and lots of FW shrimp here and it was
exciting watching them have such a good time.

We headed on down the road to our next stop, Hwy. 521 _at_ Swift Creek. This
spot looked nice but was heavily silted making collection very difficult.
All we were able to get here was:

Lined topminnow
Mosquito fish

For our last stop of the day we headed back up I-20 to Lexington County.
Here we stopped on Corley Mill Rd. _at_ Twelve-Mile Creek. Almost immediately
we caught some beautiful darters. We are still undecided about what type
they are. The list for this spot is:

Seagreen darter or Turquoise darter
Tesselated darter
Creek chubsucker
Creek chub

I have previously caught what I think were Yellowfin shiners in this
location. It was now starting to get late in the day so we all decided to
call it a day.

Chip Rinehart
West Columbia, SC

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