Re: NANFA-- downloading .mim extensions

Edward Venn (
Wed, 20 Feb 2002 06:53:04 +0000


Usually AOL automatically moves any tiff or eps files by compressing them
and sending them to the recipient. If this is being done through a regular
isp then files are usually zipped(win) or stuffed(mac) by the sender as self
extracting attachments. Your best option is to get off of AOL and get a
regular e-mail address for business purposes. If you need any more
assistance contact me at my business address or visit to see what i do in real life.
>Casper, are you actually downloading these files from the client's server,
>or are they being sent as email attachments? If the latter, the sender
>have to change his email settings. I am not familiar with these file
>extensions, so I'm afraid this bit of generalized advice is the best I can
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>Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2002 7:33 PM
>Subject: NANFA-- downloading .mim extensions
> > hi...
> > this is not fish question but im hoping someone knows how to deal with
> > better than myself.
> > everyday im downloading files from my clients to reproduce their logos
> > designs in my graphic arts business. usually they are small .ai or .eps
> > files. my clients use both macs and pcs and all kinds of different
> > providers.
> > well somehow these simple, small .ai or .eps files get converted to .mim
> > files. i cant get a straight answer from anyone as to why. my clients
> > they are not miming or compressing them.
> > the solution to un-miming has been by using pkunzip. most of the time
> > works... but not always.
> > this issue really slows my production down... having to deal with these
> > steps they may or may not pan out. i dont see why they ( aol? or whoever
> > the miming ) dont automatically un-mim them. it has something to do with
> > making them go over the internet in a compressed state. but then i have
> > deal with the resulting compressed file... which did not need to be
> > compressed anyway cause it was soooo small.
> > gee wiz.
> > help!

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