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I could check this against Lee et al to refine the range data somewhat (or
is that reference too old to be useful any more?)

Hey, what about estuarine spp. :-)

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> Hi Martin & any others who may be interested...
> Some months ago I was on one of my usual rants about "Why is there no
> official fish book for GA?" During the course of the discussion, Martin
> mentioned that he would like to see even a checklist of GA fishes. So, out
> of courtesy, I set about trying to find one. I was sure that I had seen
> such a list on the GA DNR website, but countless searches failed to reveal
> it. I even emailed them and asked about it. They, of course, referred me
> their website. Grrrrrrrrr! I emailed again, asking them exactly WHERE on
> the website, but got no further reply. So, I began consulting distribution
> maps (mostly in the Peterson's) and building a list on my own. If you are
> interested, I have saved the list in a Word document that I will send to
> any of you upon request.
> What follows is as near as I've been able to come to an accurate listing
> GA fishes. However, several notes and disclaimers are in order first.
> 1. I have no formal training in any life science, and neither of my
> is in anything remotely related to biology. This work should be considered
> as little more than the efforts of an interested novice.
> 2. Some of the ranges on the distribution maps had me working with a
> magnifying glass to determine whether or not they crossed the GA line. I
> remain open to correction from the experts.
> 3. I did not find the last 4 darters on the list mentioned in the
> Peterson's. Those came from the protected species list provided by the GA
> DNR.
> 4. Although it is considered extinct, I have included the harelip sucker
> the basis of information I've been given that indicates that there are
> still folks in the fish world who hold out hope of finding it. The last
> known range of this fish did include GA.
> 5. An asterisk after the name of the fish indicates that it is only
> in a tiny portion of NW GA that my stepson and I call the Golden Triangle.
> 6. I understand that the scientific names of fishes should be rendered in
> italics, but my email program refuses!
> 7. I have made a conscious effort not to include introduced species.
> Shortnose sturgeon, Acipenser brevirostrum (US & GA endangered)
> Lake sturgeon*, A. fulvescens
> Atlantic strugeon, A. oxyrhynchus
> Shovelnose sturgeon*, Scaphirhynchus platorhynchus
> Paddlefish*, Polyodon spathula
> Spotted gar*, Lepisosteus oculatus
> Longnose gar, L. osseus
> Florida gar, L. platyrhincus
> Bowfin, Amia calva
> Blueback herring, Alosa aestivalis
> Alabama shad, A. alabamae (US candidate for status review, GA unusual)
> Skipjack herring, A. chrysochloris
> Hickory shad, A. mediocris
> Gizzard shad, Dorosoma cepedanium
> Threadfin shad, D. petenense
> Mooneye*, Hiodon tergisus
> Brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis
> Eastern mudminnow, Umbra pygmaea
> Redfin pickerel, Esox americanus americanus
> Grass pickerel, E. americanus vermiculatus
> Chain pickerel, E. niger
> Muskellunge, E. masquinongy
> Golden shiner, Notemigonus chrysoleucas
> Rosyside dace, Clinostomus funduloides
> Tennessee dace*, Phoxinus tennesseensis
> Flame chub*, Hemitremia flammea (GA endangered)
> Creek chub, Semotilus atromaculatus
> Dixie chub, S. thoreauianus
> River chub, Nocomis micropogon
> Bluehead chub, N. leptocephalus
> Central stoneroller, Campostoma anomalum
> Bluefin stoneroller, C. pauciradii
> Largescale stoneroller, C. oligolepsis
> Fatlips minnow, Phenacobius crassilabrum (GA endangered)
> Riffle minnow, P. catostomus
> Stargazing minnow, P. uranops (GA threatened)
> Blacknose dace, Rhinichthys atratulus
> Longnose dace, R. cataractae
> Silver chub*, Macrhybopsis storeriana
> Blotched chub, Erimystax insignis (GA threatened)
> Speckled chub, Extrarius aestivalis
> Mississippi silvery minnow, Hybognathus nuchalis
> Eastern silvery minnow, H. regius
> Striped shiner, Luxilus chrysocephalus
> Warpaint shiner, L. coccogenis
> Bandfin shiner, L. zonistius
> Rosefin shiner*, Lythrurus ardens
> Mountain shiner, L. lirus
> Pretty shiner, L. bellus, (GA threatened)
> Blacktip shiner, L. atrapiculus
> Sailfin shiner, Pteronotropis hypselopterus
> Broadstripe shiner, P. euryzonus (GA rare)
> Bluenose shiner P. welaka (GA rare)
> Spotfin shiner, Cyprinella spiloptera
> Steelcolor shiner, C. whipplei
> Blacktail shiner, C. venusta
> Whitetail shiner, C. galactura
> Alabama shiner, C. callistia
> Tricolor shiner, C. trichroistia
> Tallapoosa shiner, C. gibbsi (GA rare)
> Blue shiner, C. caerulea (US threatened, GA endangered)
> Altamaha shiner, C. xaenura (GA endangered)
> Ocmulgee shiner, C. callisema
> Bluestripe shiner, C. callitaenia (GA threatened)
> Whitefin shiner, C. nivea
> Bannerfin shiner, C. leedsi
> Spotfin chub, C. monacha
> Pugnose minnow, Opsopoeodus emiliae
> Fathead minnow, Pimephales promelas
> Bluntnose minnow*, P. notatus
> Bullhead minnow, P. vigilax
> Emerald shiner*, Notropis atherinoides
> Silver shiner, N. photogenis (GA endangered)
> Silverstripe shiner, N. stilbius
> Sandbar shiner, N. scepticus (GA rare)
> Popeye shiner, N. ariommus (GA threatened)
> Telescope shiner, N. telescopus
> Yellowfin shiner, N. lutipinnis
> Rainbow shiner, N. chrosomus
> Tennessee shiner, N. leuciodus
> Longnose shiner, N. longirostris
> Bigeye shiner*, N. boops
> Coosa shiner, N. xaenocephalus
> Burrhead shiner, N. asperifrons
> Highscale shiner, N. hypsilepsis (GA threatened)
> Weed shiner, N. texanus
> Coastal shiner, N. petersoni
> Ironcolor shiner, N. chalybaeus
> Dusky shiner, N. cummingsae
> Redeye chub, N. harperi (GA rare)
> Highfin shiner, N. altipinnis
> Ghost shiner*, N. buchanani
> Mimic shiner*, N. volucellus
> Mirror shiner, N. spectrunculus
> Sawfin shiner, N. sp
> Taillight shiner, N. maculatus
> Spottail shiner, N. hudsonius
> Bigeye chub*, Hybopsis amblops (GA rare)
> Rosyface chub, H. rubrifrons
> Lined chub, H. lineapunctata
> Clear chub, H. winchelli
> Silverjaw minnow, Ericymba buccata
> Smallmouth buffalo, Ictobius bubalus
> Quillback, Carpiodes cyprinus
> River carpsucker, C. carpio
> Blue sucker*, Cycleptus elongatus
> White sucker, Catostomus commersoni
> Spotted sucker, Minytrema melanops
> Creek chubsucker, Erimyzon oblongus
> Lake chubsucker, E. sucetta
> Northern hog sucker, Hypentelium nigricans
> Alabama hog sucker, H. etowanum
> River redhorse*, Moxostoma carinatum (GA rare)
> Shorthead redhorse*, M. macrolepidotum
> Blacktail redhorse, M. dusquesnei
> Golden redhorse, M. erythrurum
> Silver redhorse, M. anisurum
> Robust redhorse, M. robustum (GA endangered)
> Striped jumprock, M. rupiscartes
> Greater jumprock, M. lachneri
> Channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus
> Blue catfish*, I. furcatus
> White catfish, Ameiurus catus
> Yellow bullhead, A. natalis
> Black bullhead, A. melas
> Brown bullhead, A. nebulosus
> Spotted bullhead, A. serracanthus (GA rare)
> Snail bullhead, A. brunneus
> Flat bullhead, A. platycephalus
> Flathead catfish*, Pylodictis olivaris
> Stonecat*, Noturus flavus
> Tadpole madtom, N. gyrinus
> Speckled madtom, N. leptacanthus
> Black madtom, N. funebris (GA rare)
> Freckled madtom, N. nocturnus (GA endangered)
> Margined madtom, N. insignis
> Frecklebelly madtom, N. munitus (GA endangered)
> Mountain madtom*, N. eleutherus (GA threatened)
> Yellowfin madtom*, N. flavipinnis
> Pirate perch, Aphredoderus sayanus
> Swampfish, Chologaster cornuta
> Southern cavefish*, Typhlichthys subterraneus (GA rare)
> Northern studfish*, Fundulus catenatus (GA threatened)
> Stippled studfish, F. bifax (GA endangered)
> Southern studfish, F. stellifer
> Golden topminnow, F. chrysotus
> Banded topminnow, F. cingulatus (GA rare)
> Lined topminnow, F. lineolatus
> Eastern starhead topminnow, F. escambiae
> Blackstripe topminnow*, F. notatus
> Blackspotted topminnow, F. olivaceus
> Rainwater killifish, Lucania parva
> Bluefin killifish, L. goodei (GA unusual)
> Pygmy killifish, Leptolucania ommata
> Sailfin molly, Poecilia latipinna
> Mosquitofish, Gambusia affinis
> Least killifish, Heterandria formosa
> Brook silverside, Labidesthes sicculus
> Inland silverside, Menidia beryllina
> Banded sculpin, Cottus carolinae
> Mottled sculpin, C. bairdi
> Striped bass, Morone saxatilis
> White bass*, M. chrysops
> Yellow bass*, M. mississippiensis
> Banded pygmy sunfish, Elassoma zonatum
> Everglades pygmy sunfish, E. evergladei
> Okefenokee pygmy sunfish, E. okefenokee
> Flier, Centrarchus macropterus
> Black crappie, Poxomis nigromaculatus
> White crappie, P. annularis
> Rock bass, Ambloplites rupestris
> Shadow bass, A. ariommus
> Mud sunfish, Acantharchus pomotis
> Banded sunfish, Enneacanthus obesus
> Bluespotted sunfish, E. gloriosus
> Blackbanded sunfish, E. chaetodon (GA rare)
> Largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides
> Suwannee bass, M. notius, (GA rare)
> Spotted bass, M. punctulatus
> Redeye bass, M. coosae
> Shoal bass, M. sp
> Smallmouth bass, M. dolomieu
> Warmouth, Lepomis gulosus
> Green sunfish, L. cyanellus
> Spotted sunfish, L. punctatus
> Bluegill, L. macrochirus
> Redear sunfish, L. microlophus
> Longear sunfish, L. megalotis
> Dollar sunfish, L. marginatus
> Redbreast sunfish, L. auritus
> Walleye, Stizostedion vitreum
> Sauger*, S. canadense
> Blackside darter, Percina maculata
> Muscadine darter, P. sp cf macrocephala (GA rare)
> Dusky darter, P. sciera (GA rare)
> Goldline darter, P. aurolineata US & GA threatened)
> Blackbanded darter, P. nigrofasciata
> Freckled darter, P. lenticula (GA endangered)
> River darter*, P. shumardi (GA endangered)
> Snail darter*, P. tanasi (US & GA threatened)
> Amber darter, P. antesella (US & GA endangered)
> Bronze darter, P. palmaris
> Gilt darter, P. evides
> Tangerine darter, P. aurantiaca (GA threatened)
> Olive darter, P. squamata (GA threatened)
> Logperch, P. caprodes
> Conasauga logperch*, P. jenkinsi (US & GA endangered)
> Florida sand darter, Etheostoma bifascia
> Tessellated darter, E. olmstedi
> Speckled darter, E. stigmaeum
> Blueside darter*, E. jessiae
> Greenside darter, E. blennioides
> Rock darter, E. rupestre
> Turquoise darter, E. inscriptum
> Banded darter, E. zonale
> Tennessee snubnose darter*, E. simoterum
> Blackside snubnose darter*, E duryi (GA rare)
> Tallapoosa darter, E. tallapoosae (GA rare)
> Ellijay darter, E. sp
> Coosa darter, E. coosae
> Ashy darter*, E. cinereum
> Redline darter*, E. rufilineatum
> Wounded darter, E. vulneratum (GA endangered)
> Greefin darter, E. chlorobranchium (GA threatened)
> Savannah darter, E. fricksium
> Trispot darter*, E. trisella (GA threatened)
> Goldstripe darter, E. parvipinne (GA rare)
> Rainbow darter*, E. caeruleum
> Gulf darter, E. swaini
> Coldwater darter*, E. ditrema (GA threatened)
> Christmas darter, E. hopkinsi
> Stripetail darter, E. kennecotti
> Sawcheek darter, E. serrifer
> Swamp darter, E. fusiforme
> Brown darter, E. edwini
> Holiday darter, E. brevirostrum (GA threatened)
> Lipstick darter, E. chuckwachatte (GA endangered)
> Etowah darter, E. etowahae (US endangered, GA threatened)
> Cherokee darter, E. scotti (US & GA threatened)
> Freshwater drum, Aplodinotus grunniens
> [Harelip sucker, Moxostoma lacerum (considered extinct)]
> If I counted correctly, that's 244 species!
> Thanks to Dave Neely and Bruce Stallsmith for technical assistance.
> If another list is readily available, please let me know. Wait 3 days so I
> won't pull my hair out, but let me know. (-:
> All The Best,
> Steven A. Ellis
> Kennesaw, GA
> (Geez, Martin, next time ask something hard!!!)

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