Re: NANFA-- lamprey

Gordon James (
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 07:09:07 -0400

Last spring on the last day of achool I was going to catch a turtle for
"show and tell" at my kids school. The day before I saw all kinds of them
out sunning themselves around noon time.

so . . .

I get up early and go to the creek at 7:15 am and guess what. No turtles
sunning themselves in the 7:15 fog. The only thing of any size I have to
bring in to class comes from the spawning run of the Atlantic Sea Lamprey.
I go to grab it and throw it in to my collecting bucket when I find out they
are more slippery than a greased pig.

It is about that time when I start thinking. These things are nasty blood
suckers. I'm standing in the creek in open sandals, bare legs, short shorts
and no shirt (didn't want to get my clothes wet). Now I have an angry
lamprey swimming around all these bare body parts. I start doing this funny
"keep both feet out of the water for as long as possible" dance.

then I start to laugh as the morning traffic is going by and the Baptist
Preacher (me) is dancing nearly naked in the river. They know I do strange
stuff, but this takes the cake.

I ended up taking one male lamprey about 4 feet long to the school to show
all the classes.

the kids were fascinated by the teeth.

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